• Automatic Headlight Beam Selection
  • Active Safety Device
  • Reliable Driving Partner
  • High End Robotics
  • Dedicated GPS Inside
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Enso Intelligent Headlight Beam Assist

Liability in auto accidents caused by drivers blinded by high beams is generally determined by the rules of negligence in driving.

By accounting various researches and statistical news....
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TCM Limited

TCM is one of the oldest companies in the region founded by Nobel Laureate Sir C.V.Raman and Dr. P. Krishnamurti in the year 1943 as Travancore Chemical Manufacturing Company Ltd and subsequently the name was changed to TCM Ltd in the year 1996.
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What We Do ?

Based on our motto LIVE & LET LIVE, We are committed to the driving community for a safer night driving roads.
We believe in the ethics of "caring yourself begins from caring for others". The product range of enso is a result of three decades of hard work and commitment, next-gen research & development, real-time road test, suggestions for changes from our customers, who have Installed our product as a part of their social commitment. Our technology has grown along with the development and availability of electronics. Adhering to an international standard.

We struggled but stood strong and kept the quality and integrity of the product, the transition from mere Autodipper to an automatic headlight beam management Assist, which was more intelligent than an auto dipper but we never stopped there now we are at the threshold of future technology.
“ Intelligent Headlight Beam Management Assist ” with a dedicated inbuilt GPS. Affordable for common man. Today we feel proud to have thousands of satisfied users from various backgrounds of the society. It builds confidence to our dealers and encouragement for our team to have real testimonies of our customers.

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Operational Features

  • Fuse Free solid state headlamp relay for automobiles
  • Universal model compatible to headlamp circuit of any four wheeler
  • Universal model for 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems
  • Single model for Low side and High side Switching Circuits
  • Can support head lamp load of upto 400 watts
  • Specially designed for use with Enso – Sensor units.

Protective Features

enso integrates with headlamp switch and performs automatically, with the help of an dedicated inbuilt GPS which verifies and act according to the speed of the vehicle. It is meant only to assist the driver.
  • Automatic Trip and auto reset for short circuit
  • Automatic Trip and auto reset for over load
  • Automatic Trip and auto reset for over temperature
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Warranty Terms

Our products go through multiple levels of quality check to ensure that you get the best.
But in case, you have any issue with the product, We provide manufacturer warranty,
Replacement against any manufacturing defects within 7 days of online warranty registration,
1 years of repair warranty and excellent customer care services.

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