• Automatic Headlight Beam Selection
  • High End Robotics
  • Dedicated GPS Inside
  • Active Safety Device

Why enso?

A major reason for motor vehicle accidents at night is the glare caused by oncoming vehicles which momentarily blinds the driver. It takes three to eight seconds for a person with good eyesight to recover from the glare and in this duration the vehicle advances a long distance with a visionless driver. On such occasions, it would be a matter of chance and sheer luck to escape from an accident. Since manual dipping is not effective, the solution is to install an automatic device which can take the role of an intelligent driver who manages headlight beams rationally according to the speed of the vehicle, ambient light and opposite approaching glare.

What is enso?

enso is an Intelligent Headlight Beam Management device made to assist the driver in switching between the beams rationally. It is an active safety device and enlightened solution for an age-old demand of the night driving community. High- end robotics based on artificial intelligence assist the driver to select the right beam depending on the opposite glare, speed of the user vehicle and road lighting conditions. enso is an active automobile safety device, that can be readily installed in the vehicle without tampering the original wiring harness of the vehicle. enso integrates with the headlight switch and performs automatically, intelligently and rationally.
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Product Features

  • enso, an Intelligent Headlight Beam Management Assist, is an active automotive safety device based on Artificial Intelligence and high end robotics.
  • enso is a 100% utility product with dedicated inbuilt GPS that monitor the speed of the user vehicle and responds efficiently.
  • enso assist the driver by rationalizing the headlight beam selection according to the opposite glare, ambient light and speed of the vehicle; works on the basis of driving engineering and law of the land.
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