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TCM is one of the oldest companies in the region founded by Nobel Laureate Sir C.V.Raman and Dr. P. Krishnamurti in the year 1943 as Travancore Chemical Manufacturing Company Ltd and subsequently the name was changed to TCM Ltd in the year 1996. TCM during its 75 years of history, established manufacturing units in different locations in India right from 1944 onwards. TCM became one of the pioneer in manufacturing sector specially with Organic and inorganic chemicals, Fungicides, Herbicides, Barium and Strontium salts, Strontium Nitrite, Sodium Sulfide and various other derivatives.

Though, we have down sized all the manufacturing activity as part of our diversification and strategical deployment of business, still we are active and holding commanding position as a credible supplier of the above products in the Indian market. TCM now diversified its operations in to Renewable Energy, Aquaculture, Plantation, Food Processing, Import and Export, and International Trading with wide network across the globe spreading in more than 52 countries vibrantly functioning with a wide network of more than 1200 dedicated people, who make our vision more clear and specific.

P. R. Lakshmana Rao
Our Mentor

Born in 1961 in rural Andhra Pradesh region of south India, Mr. P R Lakshmana Rao was a national rank holder in chartered accountancy. With a vision to provide innovative products with true value to the society, he founded an electronics company with core values of growth with responsibility, human relations with compassion, and products with innovation. As a first generation entrepreneur and a patent holder, he built a team with great self motivation and passion to deliver results.

Known for his humble and down-to-earth nature, he is a leader who led teams by example and hands-on experience. In his endeavour, he has developed engineering techniques in applying science for developing technologically advanced innovative products for road safety and energy conservation.

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About enso

enso is an advanced successor model to RAKSHA BEAM ASSIST (RBA) developed by Kakatiya Energy Systems Private Limited, a Hyderabad based company involved in developing intelligent automatic control systems for varied applications. The company founded in the year 1999. With over 15 years of experience in the market dealing with public and private enterprises for providing smart solutions, the company created a benchmark for quality. In addition to the patent held on the automobile headlamp beam control device. Another patent is held for Nature Switch, a sensor-based intelligent lighting control system to save energy.

Early this year TCM LIMITED took over the baton of the race to pace up the R & D and the Marketing.

Liability in auto accidents caused by drivers blinded by high beams is generally determined by the rules of negligence in driving. By accounting various researches and statistical news, accidents that occur in the night are most likely due to the headlight glare. Few are lucky enough to escape with minor losses, many lost their lives, many of them are bedridden for life. Low beam driving also causes fatal accidents like high beam driving, authorities are working hard to overcome this issue by keeping reminder boards, advertisements prompting the drivers to do manual dipping and rational selection of beams.

Manual and rational selection of headlight beams is not effective because of various reasons or a mix of reasons like driving fatigue caused due to road conditions, traffic, psychological, physiological issues, lack of awareness and ego, drivers tend to stitch themselves to the steering wheel and forgets or ignores the basic driving manners, they unknowingly ignore statutory diving techniques like the rational selection of headlamp beams, proper indications etc. which lead or invite them to an accident or push someone into it.

Since manual dipping is not effective, the solution is to Install an automatic device which can take the role of an intelligent driver, that can think like a human and works like a robot, must act as a partner in managing headlight beams rationally according to the speed of the vehicle, ambient light and opposite approaching glare.

Three decades of hard work, determination, research & development with real-time road test analysis made it possible to have an automatic device which can be installed universally.

"Enso" an intelligent headlight beam management assistant, a state of the art solution, high-end robotics based on artificial intelligence a revolution in auto safety, it thinks like an intelligent human and acts like a robot to select the right beam depending on the opposite glare, user vehicle speed and road lighting conditions. enso is an active automobile safety device, 100 % utility, ready to install, without tampering the original wiring harness of the vehicle. enso integrates with headlight switch and performs automatically with the help of a dedicated inbuilt GPS which verifies the speed that helps enso to switch the right beam at right speed of the vehicle. enso is meant only to assist the driver.

The decision of enso can be revised by manual overriding, using the combination switch lever shifting from low beam / automatic default position to high beam override position by the driver, it remains at that selected beam until the driver selects back to the low beam / automatic default position.

enso creates a safer visual environment for the other drivers on the road without compromising on the safety and visual comfort of the user. It can sense well in advance the opposite approaching glare, the speed and the ambient light including street lighting, analyse the condition and decide the beam which enhances the vision of the user driver

In other words, enso ensure the right beam at the right speed at the right moment. Enso helps the drivers to select their beam ethically, rationally and wisely according to the driving engineering and the law of the land, which ensures a very responsible night driving.

Ease of pressure, enjoy the pleasure of night driving
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