Product Features

  • enso, an Intelligent Headlight Beam Management Assist, is an active automotive safety device based on Artificial Intelligence and high end robotics.
  • enso is a 100% utility product with dedicated inbuilt GPS that monitor the speed of the user vehicle and responds efficiently.
  • enso assist the driver by rationalizing the headlight beam selection according to the opposite glare, ambient light and speed of the vehicle; works on the basis of driving engineering and law of the land.
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Operational Features

Three modes of operation based on the speed of the vehicle:
A. 0 – 20 km/h: Headlamps are maintained in ‘low beam’
B. 20 – 70 km/h:
  • enso maintains headlamps in the low beam on lit roads
  • It maintains high beam on a dark road free of opposite traffic
  • It dips the lamps on sensing a headlamp light at 230 meters.
  • It continues in the low beam till crossing the opposite vehicle which is also in low beam
  • It restores the main beam at 130 meters if the opposite vehicle does not change to low beam
  • It responds even to a two-wheeler, weak low beam etc.
C. Above 70 km/h: Headlamps are maintained in ‘high beam’

Technical Features

  •  Mark 1- Fuse free solid state relay based adaptors.
     Mark2 - Electro magnetic relay based adaptor for automobiles.
  • Universal model compatible to headlamp circuit of any four wheeler
  • Universal model for 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems
  • Single model for Low side and High side Switching Circuits
  • Can support headlamp load of upto 400 watts
  • Sensor units specially designed to use with enso
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Protective Features

enso integrates with headlamp switch and performs automatically, with the help of a dedicated inbuilt GPS which verifies and act according to the speed of the vehicle. It is meant only to assist the driver.
  • Automatic Trip and auto reset for short circuit
  • Automatic Trip and auto reset for over load
  • Automatic Trip and auto reset for over temperature
User driver is free to override the decision of the device at any point of time using the combination switch