Operational Features

Three modes of operation based on the speed of the vehicle:
0 – 20 km/h: Headlamps are maintained in ‘low beam’ 20 – 70 km/h:

  • It maintains headlamps in the low beam on lit roads
  • It maintains high beam on a dark road free of opposing traffic
  • It dips the lamps on sensing a headlamp light at 230 meters.
  • It continues in the dip beam till crossing if the opposite vehicle dips
  • It restores the main beam at 130 meters if the opposite vehicle does not dip
  • It responds even to a two-wheeler/weak dip beam etc.
    Above 70 km/h: Headlamps are maintained in ‘high beam’
  • Fuse Free solid state headlamp relay for autombiles
  • Universal model compatible to headlamp circuit of any four wheeler
  • Universal model for 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems
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  • Single model for Low side and High side Switching Circuits
  • Can support headlamp load of upto 400 watts
  • Specially designed for use with Enso – Sensor units.

Protective Features

Enso integrates with headlamp switch and performs automatically, with the help of an dedicated inbuilt GPS which verifies and act according to the speed of the vehicle. It is meant only to assist the driver.
  • Automatic Trip and auto rest for short circuit
  • Automatic Trip and auto rest for over load
  • Automatic Trip and auto rest for over temperature

Novel Features

  • Arc free switching
  • No moving Parts inside - Solid State
  • 100 % water proof
Quick Enquiry : +91 98951 45339