What is enso

How enso works

enso is an automotive active safety device. An automatic headlight Beam management system. enso is an Intelligent headlight beam management assist, which can install in multi headlight vehicles 12 v & 24 v universal. Designed and developed to reduce accidents caused due to headlight related glares which can lead the driver into fatigues and accident, driving at night.

enso assist the driver by selecting the right beam at the right speed automatically with the help of an inbuilt GPS, according to the driving engineering and the Law of the land. Without tampering the vision of the opposite approaching driver. enso helps to reduce eye fatigue & stress.

Why enso is better than manual operations

Majority of accidents occurs in the night, are credited to the irrational selection of beams, irrational selection of beams causes eye fatigues, retina bleach and temporary blindness. This condition can invite or push someone into a deadly accident. Fatigues caused Due to road conditions, physiological and psychological issues, lack of awareness and ego, drivers tend to “stitch” them-self to the steering wheel and ignores basic driving manners or statutory driving techniques like rational selection beams dipping & brighting of headlight beams at the right moment or proper indications this is a human limitation and a problem. It is recommended to take the assistance of a machine which can help the user driver in selecting the right beam and drive with mere strain and comfortable vision.

Enso is the most advanced, artificial intelligence-based high-end robotics – it thinks like a human and works like a robot.

What makes it different from an Autodipper

Auto dipper is a very old age technology. The technology had grown into Automatic headlight beam management Assistance and enlighten into Intelligent headlight beam management Assistance.

In this new era of technology – Autodippers are just a photo-sensing switch with no intelligence – whereas “enso" is Intelligent enough to understand the light around the driving area, the opposite light intensity and approach angle, it understands the speed of the vehicle using the Inbuilt GPS.

It thinks like a human and works like a robot based on artificial intelligence
Built with advanced electronics with modern high-speed switching circuits.

What is Intelligent beam assist

Intelligent Headlight Beam Assist is the latest generation of automatic beam selection assistance, only of its kind across the world and affordable for all.

Compared to fixed programs of an Autodipper, stiff electronics and its limitations, enso is an Intelligent Beam Assist, it thinks like a human and works like a robot using artificial intelligence.

enso has evolved from the basic technology of Raksha Auto dipper to Raksha Beam Assist, automatic Beam Assist and now "enso" Intelligent headlight beam management assist.

The lens is designed such a way that it can understand the angle of the opposite approaching headlight beam. The internal electronics are capable of measuring the ambient light or road light, it can even understand whether the vehicle is turning left or turning right, enso can understand the speed of the vehicle with the help of a dedicated inbuilt GPS.

It takes samples from all the situation, process and act 1/4 th of second much faster than a healthy human.

What makes enso Intelligent

enso works with three basic information. The angle of incidence and intensity of the opposite approaching vehicle headlight beam, Ambient road Light and the speed of the vehicle.

enso is enabled with high-end super-fast switching electronics which can analyse, process and act 4 times faster than a healthy human driver. A well-developed R & D and the real-time road test experiences of the past three decades made an intelligent partner for night driving.

What is the function of GPS in enso

GPS in enso is used to determine the speed of the vehicle and to select the right beam at the right speed.

Is it possible to have a manual operation once enso is installed in a vehicle

Yes – manual override is possible using the same headlight selection switch lever. The default automatic headlight beam management position of the manual selection switch is LOW BEAM POSITION. User driver can override the automatic decision manually. without any additional switching circuits.

E.g. Assuming the vehicle is moving at a speed less than 20 km / h – the headlight beam is selected to low beam automatically – the driver can override the decision of enso and revise it to High beam by shifting the beam selection lever to manual high beam/over-ride select position resulting in a High Beam output Or from automatically selected High Beam can be revised to Low Beam using the same manual beam selection switch selecting High beam position/over-ride select position resulting Low beam output. - So after the installation of an enso the High beam select position is used to revise the decision of automatic selection of beam.

How can we install enso

enso is designed with many years of a real-time road test, It is very easy to install without tampering the original wiring harness of the vehicle. enso is having two parts.

1. A relay processor unit which is installed inside the engine room and connected to the headlight doom directly

2. A sensor and GPS unit which can be pasted on the front windscreen using a non-melting

3 M VHB sticker. And connected by running a wire down to engine room and coupled it the processor.

Please read the installation manual carefully on the website.

You can contact any vehicle dealer, Accessory Shops or Auto Electricians – or just call us or Call or WhatsApp, or write to us info@ensoindia.in.

Does it cause any damage to the electronic control unit

No, it does not cause any damage, enso is not offering any extra load to ECU or ECM.

Enso will be effective only if it is installed in all the vehicles. Why should I spend and give comfort to others

It is efficient and very helpful to the user driver. (Please refer situation 2 and 3 in the section" functions of enso " animated video ) Situation 2. It dips the headlamps automatically to low beam on encountering another vehicle from the opposite direction and restores the high beam at crossing point if the opposite driver also dips his lamps to low beam. 3. It restores the high beam much before crossing if the opposite driver does not dip his headlamp within the safe stopping sight distance of 100 meters

Why? Eyes have a unique nature of shrinking its pupil to control the amount of light entering. As the opposite approaching light intensity increase the pupil shrinks and the driver will not be able to see low reflecting objects like a tree, a milestone or electric poles, cattle crossings or a cyclist with no reflectors or a breakdown vehicle at the road periphery. Most of the accidents happen at this point directly. Most of the driver gets into a panic situation. Enso selects high beam at this situation automatically, increases reflective index enabling the driver to see those low reflecting areas better. It enhances the vision, hence reduces the chance of getting into an accident or a panic situation. It also reduces the stress of night driving.

2. Many on face collision/ fatal accidents happen because of an irrational selection of high beam to opposite approaching vehicle and the approaching driver loses his control, an accident invited within a fraction of second. Enso selects the beam rationally, it reduces the chance of accidents.