• This is to certify the efficiency & clacrity with which Mr Simble V Thomas attended to a concern in the headlight beam management system of my Toyota Cresta was outstanding. It speaks volumes of the professional competence & sincerity of purpose of TCM Ltd.

    "enso" old RBA - is extremely driver frièndly - that it helps the driver to relax rather than the driver continue to flick the beam while driving in the night.

    Indian Navy

  • I thank Team Enso for introducing me Raksha Beam Assist. automatic headlight beam management system. Its very Useful for me in whole of my long Night drives, in connection with my business. 100% utility product, an active safety device, One must definitely have in their vehicles. It helps in rationalized selection of Head light beams, gives clear road periphery vision, No matter to the beam selected by the opposite approaching vehicle. It remarkably reduces stress and strain of my eyes. A safe and happy night drive I strongly recommend - Install RBA, enjoy the pleasure of night deiving.

    Mr. Jose K Jacob
    IT Professional, NRI
    Kalloor Agencies

  • Night driving is very difficult due to the driving culture of our country. Even young people with very healthy eyes often wonder how a middle-aged person can overcome this difficult situation. As an optometrist who is knowledgeable about the problems that a beam of suprathreshold light can cause to the eyes, I was looking for ways to solve this problem. That's when I learned about this device through a friend of mine. At first, I didn't believe it, but on the first night of the trip, I liked the way it worked. There is no doubt that it is an instrument of full value for money.
    Thanks to team enso .

    Nijin Kurup
    Assistant Professor

  • This gadget is an awesome help for my driving and my Honda city, In my driving due to tiredness I forget dim or bright the headlight manually while driving. It does that job very excellent and helps me enjoy driving. The excellent part is, we can see the respect showering through all the night drive Moreover , the after sales support excellent and they are on top of it fix the issues.
    Many thanks to Simble.
    thanks to team enso.

    Mr Manish
    IT Professional